Everything You Need To Know About Epoxy Resin Garage Floors

One of the most important things you need to understand about garage floor epoxy coatings is the fact that they are unlike any traditional paint you may use on a floor.

With that in mind, we must understand exactly what an epoxy floor coating is/ Epoxy coatings are typically two parts solid-based and either water or solvent-based. Epoxy flooring will usually consist of a hardener part and a resin part, similar to that of epoxy glue. Whereas a regular garage floor paint will be one part water or oil-based. It is important to keep in mind that a high-quality epoxy garage paint is not one part water or oil-based. In addition, remember that not all epoxies are created equal and you must do some research to ensure a gorgeous floor. The following article is going to answer your most common questions about epoxy resin garage floors and save you time and money.

What You Need To Know About Epoxy Flooring

The vast majority of people who deal with epoxy paint for the first time know little about it and will generally consider it to be in the same category as regular paints they may have used over the years such as flat or semi-gloss. However, epoxy paint is its own beast and cannot be lumped into the same category as these other paints. Epoxy floor coatings are typically a two-part coating that is mixed together as opposed to a single unit. Epoxy floor coatings are designed to attach to a garage or concrete floor much better than any traditional paint could ever hope to do. Think of epoxy paint as your duct tape of the paint world where flat paint would be single-sided Scotch tape! Your floor is going to look spectacular with an incredibly high gloss finish that no traditional paint is going to be able to come close to matching. A high-quality epoxy floor paint is going to be stain-proof and ensure that your floor is simple and easy to clean. You will find that there are a wide number of various colors and custom colors available for an epoxy floor to suit your needs. It is even possible to add decorative color flakes to the epoxy for an incredible granite finish. Finally, keep in mind that a high-quality epoxy coating has the ability to last over 20 years. I dare any traditional paint to be able to match that even halfway!

While it is possible to paint your garage floor with an epoxy coating yourself, it is best to leave this project to the experts. As we have discussed, this is a paint-like none other you have worked with before and if you want that gorgeous finish, hand the steering wheel over to someone who has experience in epoxy finishes. If you have been interested in epoxy resin garage floors, allow our experts the opportunity to walk you through the process and show you the wide variety of choices that are at your disposal. You will never look at garage floors in the same manner again!

Find Out The Top 11 Things to Consider Before Getting into eCommerce

The rise of eCommerce is staggering. There are 12-24 million websites selling products and services online With more added every day. This is a constantly evolving area that is constantly evolving, with emerging continuously bringing customers with their online purchasing experience. Like brick and mortar stores the process of launching an eCommerce store requires a lot of careful planning and preparation in the pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases. The online store owner must take into consideration a range of elements and address a variety of questions prior to starting to go live with eCommerce.

Consider these factors Before Starting an eCommerce Stone

Here are a few things you need to think about before you venture into the world of eCommerce. Be aware that in addition to these elements, you’ll also require a good brand name so that people will recall your name. Furthermore, the eCommerce software that you create must appear and feel premium to be able to stand out from the competition.

Deciding on Products & Services
There is a tendency to see businesses that are new to eCommerce start by resembling the success of other eCommerce models and services. This isn’t a good idea, as you’re unlikely to be able to conduct the same studies they do on their targeted populations and geographical areas. It’s crucial to start by finding a niche. For instance, Amazon is the most sought-after eCommerce brand that began selling books before expanding into other goods.

Start with a few and type in the types of items and services which you think you are able to provide your customers with the best. This will enable you to comprehend the working processes and conduct an initial test of your market. It is essential to make your product distinct since you’re not likely to have the resources to offer discounts or other promotions similar to chains.

Researching Audiences & Competitors
After you’ve decided on the product you want to market it is important to determine the exact audience the product is being sold to. Recognizing the target market requires studying their buying, browsing as well as other behavior. It is important to determine the demographics you’re targeting, the kind of gadgets are they using for browsing, their purchasing preferences, where they live, what their geopolitics and cultural preferences are, and so on. Only when you’ve identified these factors you can set your business as well as marketing strategies.

The surveys of competitors are crucial to understanding the reality of the marketplace. You need to determine whether competitors provide similar or similar services similar to yours and then decide on strategies. Your business plan, financial planning, production and selling strategies will all be contingent on the competition that you encounter.

Inventory Management & Stock Tracking
If the items that you’re offering are digital and then you’re completely free of these concerns. In the event that you are not, you need to begin thinking about warehouse costs as well as inventory management and storage and tracking the inventory you have. The most popular eCommerce platforms provide built-in tools to help you manage your inventory management effectively. Third-party software applications are also available however, they require you to incorporate them into your app. It is also crucial to display your stock on the product page in real-time. This will help shoppers avoid the stress of not knowing if the product they’re looking for is in stock or not prior to the purchase process.

Shipping Management
eCommerce businesses typically tie up with a variety of shipping services which aid in bringing their products to their clients both locally and internationally. Naturally, the form of shipping service you use will depend on the specific target market you’ve selected. It is crucial to incorporate shipping calculators in your application in order to determine the total invoice amount. This informs customers of exactly what they will have to pay to allow an item to be delivered to their doorstep.

Third-party shipping services usually provide an API you must integrate, and will be a calculator for shipping. If you own your own shipping system, you’ll need to ask the developers to integrate their rates with the app. If this is the case it’s also wise to look into distributed warehouses as your business expands. This will help you and your customer’s shipping costs.

Managing Returns
The main drawback to eCommerce purchasing is the fact that buyers aren’t able to physically touch the product prior to buying it. This means that there’s no way to know if the product is unsuitable or defective before it is delivered. That’s why well-known eCommerce companies always provide options of refunds, returns and replacements, but with some flexibility and security.

Be sure to have the right procedures figured out to handle the request for a refund or replacement. It is essential to have defective items taken care of and then the money returned within a short time in order to keep confidence among your customers.

Figuring out Monetization
The next step is to choose an appropriate price for items and services. It will be based on the amount you invest, your regular expenses, employee costs in the development of your application, maintenance costs, as well as the minimum profits you will need to expand your business. It is important to take your time and conduct a study of the market before you decide on the price you will charge. If you constantly alter the price of your products or keep the same price as your competitors, you’ll not seem like a credible company. You must develop your own pricing policy which will allow you to make a mark.

Choosing the Right Development Team
After you’ve got the basic concepts and the eCommerce methods figured out you’ll require plenty of time to develop an application where customers can shop. There’s an abundance of high-quality eCommerce design services all over the world which can make the process easier for you. Select a firm with the necessary expertise in the development of eCommerce applications Make sure to take note of what their clients have to say about them.

Website or App
It is up to you to decide if would like to develop a web application, mobile application or both. This will impact the remainder of the development as well as other costs that you’ll have to pay. Based on current browsing habits and the accessibility of mobile phones applications for mobile devices are possibly the most effective way for people to buy with your store. If you have a limited budget web-based sites are an alternative

Development & Technologies
After that, you need to select the eCommerce platform that you want your app to be based upon. If you’ve decided to go with mobile apps then you must decide whether you’d like it to be either native or hybrid. Each has its own advantages and the development team can help you with which choice to make.

If you have a website, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and WordPress are excellent choices. Speak with your preferred web development company and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options available to you. Know about the costs for development and additional maintenance costs associated with these platforms, as well as the types of security and additional options they provide. This will help you determine whether you should spend money on additional plugins and extensions to help with shipping, tracking orders taxes, searching or anything else.

When you’ve decided on the best platform, you’ll need to select a suitable hosting service. The type the hosting service you select will depend on the number of services you’ve got and the volume of traffic you’re expecting. In addition to development costs, there will be recurring expenses such as hosting charges, subscription-model plugins, maintenance and much more. Be sure to be aware of the type of expenses you’ll have to pay prior to choosing the technology you will invest in.

If you’ve built a solid eStore and you have it filled with great items, you must promote it to your targeted market. It’s only when you broaden your audience and build brand visibility that your website will get more traffic and consequently more conversions. This means you need to think about not only development but marketing too and set an appropriate budget. It’s best to work with an expert digital marketing agency to handle this aspect, as successful marketing is a lengthy and complicated process.

Only by having a solid marketing strategy will you be able to stand out from your competition and make yourself noticeable to your customers. Discuss your preferred marketing partners and develop an effective plan. Utilize all channels that are available for advertising within your budget, and utilize social media whenever you can. Create profiles for your business on all channels that are appropriate and regularly market to a targeted group to ensure that they are able to access your website.

Investing in Security
The majority of 32.4 percentage of all successful online hacking attempts are targeted at the eCommerce sector. Hackers typically view small and newly launched eCommerce companies as easy targets due to their inadequate security systems. Online customers are putting their trust in them with their financial and personal information and expect that data to be secured. Attacks on your website do not just destroy your credibility but be a risk to those whose information is stolen.

Be sure to stay in front of these nefarious elements by investing in the right security measures. Continuously updating your administrator passwords and keeping all of your main databases and files updated as well as regularly backing up All of these will go a long way in ensuring your data is secure. Conduct regular vulnerability tests and utilize high-quality security software or other firewall services. Discuss additional measures that you could implement with your development team and request them to implement similar measures. You may also consider employing regularly scheduled support services for your site to ensure that everything is running smooth.


Your customers must be the primary focus of your eCommerce strategies. You can ensure a pleasant shopping experience by ensuring that your inventory, stocking and shipping, as well delivery, are all done smoothly. Naturally, a professional eCommerce development service will improve the performance of your eCommerce company significantly by using the most efficient, user-friendly and accessible application that is well-optimized. But it’s only with an enlightened long-term plan that you can achieve success in the field of eCommerce.

Inflation Is Gas Powered

Throughout the country this week, the focus will be on the latest release of the Consumer Price Index, our most widely viewed measure of Inflation. Wall Street believes we will get some relief from the record high Inflation earlier this year. But they expect Inflation will remain above 8%, a level not seen in two generations.

By every measure, Inflation is a plague that affects everyone. It drives the cost of living higher, robs those who save of actual returns, and causes the poor and marginal to fall even further into poverty.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 7 in 10 Americans see Inflation as our number one problem. Far above any other societal issue.

There is no question that the American people are hurting right now. To maintain their lifestyle, many are turning to credit, borrowing on those plastic cards to make ends meet. We see our incomes deteriorate by the month. Step by step, our purchasing power goes down the inflation drain. Consumer Debt continues to escalate.

What’s remarkable about this current bout of Inflation is that it came out of seeming nowhere. For years, the Federal Reserve has been fighting Deflation, not Inflation. Remember the Fed talking about targeting Inflation at 2% when real Inflation was less than that?

The country’s demographics caused Deflation. As the giant Baby Boom Generation retired and thus stopped producing, Inflation fell. And the Central Bank was concerned that prices might deflate. Deflation is the same problem Japan has faced for years. They, too, have an aging population and are always skirting lower, not higher, prices.

So we were in the “deflation boat” regarding prices until the current President took office. Since becoming President, Joe Biden has taken two critical steps that made Inflation inevitable.

But before we get to those two steps, let’s first look at the central role that Energy plays in our economy’s price structure.

In its latest statistical release, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the folks who compute the CPI, indicated that they give Energy a weight of 22% in their calculation. Translated into English, this means that Energy is far and away the most important single contributor to Inflation. Food is the other important contributor, although not as significant as Energy. That’s why they compute the overall CPI with and without food and Energy.

Put another way, there is a close correlation between energy prices and Inflation. We see this each time we fill up the car with gasoline.

When President Biden assumed office in January of 2021, gasoline prices were $2.33 per gallon. By June of this year, the cost of gasoline had doubled to $5.10 per gallon. And Inflation was more than 9%.

There were two steps that Biden took that created this situation. First, he declared an all-out war against oil and gas. During the campaign, Biden made it a priority to put oil companies out of business. As part of this move, he canceled pipelines, thus preventing that supply of oil from coming to market. Canceled and postponed oil leases on Federal Land, reducing more than a quarter of potential oil supply.

The oil industry has responded by pulling back on exploration. We currently have fewer than 600 operating oil wells in the country, a third less than we had in 2019. And gasoline production has been down 9 out of the last 12 months. Yes, gas prices are high, but exploration is too risky in today’s uncertain regulatory environment.

The second major step by President Biden that sent gas prices skyrocketing was the Russian Sanctions. In reaction to Russia’s Limited Military Action in Ukraine, Biden halted all oil imports from that country. These Imports represented 8 to 10% of America’s total supply. As a result, America is struggling with just 90% of the oil and gas we had before the sanctions. The balance is gleaned from wildcatters and marginal suppliers around the world. And, of course, they are demanding premium prices.

Now, anytime we discuss Energy, there are always a series of ancillary issues that come along. Everything from practical conservation and environmental matters to apocalyptic panic over the world’s end. Indeed, all of those concerns need to raise. And many of them have helped drive the American Energy Industry to be the safest and cleanest in the world.

But, to my way of thinking, the number one issue today is Inflation and how to curtail its destruction. Inflation is like a roaring inferno that threatens to throw this economy into recession or worse.

Before all else, we need to extinguish this Inflation-Fire. The way to do that is to roll back these draconian energy policies of the Biden Administration.

Economic News

Ministers of the European Union recommend that each member nation reduce energy consumption by 10%. In a vote held this morning and reported by the Wall Street Union, the move today is just a suggestion. By winter, the suggested reduction will rise to 15%. And, yes, today’s suggestion could become mandatory if there isn’t sufficient compliance.

This morning the United Kingdom reports that its GDP rose a mere 2/10 %s for the latest quarter. Economic growth was below analysts’ expectations due mainly to the reduced production levels, as companies cut back on energy. Overall in the nearly two years since the Pandemic, the British economy has grown by 1.1%

Here in the US, we will get the latest Consumer Expectations for Inflation, which is expected to come slightly less than our last estimate of 6.2%. Then tomorrow will come the latest reading on inflation.

A light day for earnings as the quarter winds down. Later this afternoon, Braze Incorporated, an e-commerce support company, will report. They are followed by the headline company of the day Oracle Systems, as Larry Ellison’s company is always one of the last to report results.